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Sunshine Action

Sunshine Action is the latest addition to the various charities that have partnered with DBS’ IB Diploma Program in offering students the opportunity to volunteer their time and effort for the well-being of the underprivileged. A humanitarian organisation based in Hong Kong, our mission is the relief of poverty, mainly through the provision of supplies and services to those in need. Since our establishment in 2008, we have contributed to and visited 190 organisations in Hong Kong and around the world, donating necessities and food to 38,000 low-income families and individuals, and have directly benefited an estimate of approximately 75,000 people.

As the DBS branch of Sunshine Action, the main focus of our activities is the weekly packing and distribution of “fortune bags” containing essentials and food for those in poverty. The scope of our work encompasses other activities, most notably elderly visitation, where students are given the opportunity to interact with the elderly and learn about their circumstances. Through the events and activities that Sunshine Action organizes, students are able to develop their compassion, civic engagement, as well as collaboration and organisational skills. They have also learned to commit to their volunteer work, as they are expected to  Students are not restricted by the program’s structure, instead having the freedom to pursue charitable endeavours that they are passionate about with full support and backing from Sunshine Action in a nurturing environment that welcomes creativity and innovation.

In addition to serving those in need, Sunshine Action also aims to cultivate leaders who are capable of taking the initiative in making a positive impact on society. Students who have shown outstanding commitment and initiative are given the opportunity to become Sunshine Ambassadors, student leaders in charge of guiding and overseeing activities the activities of Sunshine Action’s DBS branch, acting as liaisons between DBS and the main Sunshine Action office. They are also involved in the planning and assistance of projects concerning the wider

Sunshine Action organisation, such as researching case studies on individuals with unique needs and issues.

With social distancing restrictions severely limiting public gatherings, charity organizations all across Hong Kong have struggled to continue providing support to those who need it most in these troubling times. Nevertheless, in the past year, we have been able to enlist the help of our fellow students in sustaining the effort to help the underprivileged, packing and distributing thousands of fortune bags that have been newly furnished with face masks and hand sanitizer in light of the COVID-19 situation. Furthermore, DBS students participated in a large-scale joint-school packing event on the King George V School’s campus (in accordance with COVID safety regulations), working in collaboration with students from schools such as West Island School and Canadian International School to pack over 2000 fortune bags in a single day. We have also visited the homes of a few hundred single elderly over the year, interviewing them to gain a better understanding of the difficulties they face living alone in old age, especially in the context of the pandemic, and how to tackle these problems.

Being a relatively young program, we hope to expand our manpower and experience, broadening the scale to which DBS students can make a difference in society through Sunshine Action. The enthusiasm that we have been met with in spite of the pandemic has been extremely encouraging, and we look forward to further serving the community and strengthening the mutually beneficial relationship between Sunshine Action and DBS in the future.

Words from DBS Sunshine Ambassador

DBS has been working with Sunshine Action for more than 5 years, we usually conduct service programs on every Saturday, either packing fortune bags for elderlies in the warehouse or distribute the fortune bags to them. When chatting with the elderlies, they shared with us about their living conditions, health conditions, and I remember one shared with us how bad it was 80 years ago when Japan invaded Hong Kong, she mentioned everyone had only little rice everyday. All elderlies we met are around 80-90 years old, however, they are talkative and friendly to us.

By joining Sunshine Action service activities, I am very grateful for what I am having right now. It strengthens my communication skills and the initiative to plan and conduct service activities. I hope you could also join our programs on Saturdays with us. Hope to see you soon!

~Sunnie Yeung (Class of 2025)

News clipping:

South China Morning Post (16 August, 2022):

“Spirit of Hong Kong Awards: students make time after school to help disadvantaged groups”

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