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University Offers

We are proud to announce that our IB Diploma candidates have been given offers from the universities listed below.

2018 Graduates Final Destinations

Local (HK) Offers

Overall Subjects and Universities
(all are conditional offers)

Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong: Mathematics Economics & Finance BBA Accounting & Finance Journalism Pharmacy Medicine (MBBS) Law (LLB) Law & Politics English Landscape Studies International Business and Global Management Government and Laws Social Science Dental Surgery Biomedical Science Actuarial Science Pharmacy Medicine Quantitative Finance

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Law Public Health Fine Arts Business

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Science Design Analytical & Product Engineering

Hong Kong Polytechnic University Physiotherapy

United Kingdom
United States and Canada

University of Cambridge: Engineering Law Tripos Medicine

University of Chicago: Physics

University of Oxford: Law Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Foothill College

SOAS, University of London: Law Chemistry

Georgetown University

Imperial College: Aeronautics Civil Engineering

University of Miami

The London School of Economics and Political Science: Economic History Law

University of Pennsylvania: Philosophy

University College London: Pharmacy Biomedical Sciences

University of California, San Diego

King’s College London: Law English Law /Hong Kong Law

Northwestern University

University of Bath: Architecture Psychology

Boston University: Neuroscience

University of Southampton: Psychology

University of California, Davis

University of Edinburgh: Electronics & Electrical Engineering Environmental and Ecology

University of Rochester

Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University: Music

University of California, Los Angeles: Computer Science, Geology

University of Toronto

University of Toronto Mississauga: Forensic Science

University of California, Berkeley: Material Science and Engineering

Cornell University: College of Arts and Science

For further information regarding university offers,
please refer to the Centre for Further Studies and Careers Website.

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