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Admission to the DBS Grade 10 Bridging Year Programme

DBS welcomes all internal and external Grade 10 Bridging Year Programme applicants who are able to:

  • Demonstrate how they can benefit from the IB Programme.

  • Demonstrate a strong, independent work ethic and a desire to succeed.

  • Demonstrate academic and language abilities, and commitment to learning languages that are at a level appropriate to the Bridging Program.

  • Maintain a high level of self-motivation, organization and time management.

  • Commit to the Grade 10 Service Program.

  • Show a keen interest and awareness of local, international and global affairs.

  • Respect the views, values and traditions of other individuals and cultures.

  • Be responsible ambassadors for DBS.

Admission tests


Internal and external applicants for admissions to DBS Grade 10 Bridging Year Programme (Bridging Year) will undergo an age-appropriate writing and reading English assessment to demonstrate that they are capable of engaging with an English Medium IB Curriculum. A Chinese/French admission exercise and a cognitive test is also administered.  Additionally, all external candidates will also take a Mathematics admissions test. The results of these will help us assess the students’ ability to engage with the challenges of the IB Diploma.  Details of the written assessments are as follows:

Admission Tests

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The G10 Bridging Program English Admissions test consists of two tasks assessing reading skills and writing skills, respectively. The reading task requires a response to a question based on a literary piece of writing; the writing task requires an argumentative response to a quotation. For both tasks, students will be graded on the depth of ideas and understanding presented, and the attention given to crafting. Crafting might include: organisation of ideas, grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and general fluency.






The diagnostic test is designed to determine candidates’ prior knowledge and level of skills necessary for success in the IB Bridging year and IB Mathematics. The topics it features are mainly on algebraic manipulation, applications and proofs as well as quadratic equations and coordinate geometry. The test will also include some word-based problems. Make sure you read and follow the instructions carefully as this will also be considered when assessing your performance.


Cognitive Test

This test is designed to measure students’ ability to use and apply information appropriately. More specifically, their performance on critical thinking, problem-solving, information literacy and research and written communication skills.The test is adaptive. Depending on each individual student’s responses, it can take between 25 – 60 minutes to complete. Students may use dictionaries, Google or other reference material during the test. The test does not require any subject-specific knowledge.

Applicants who pass the written assessment are invited to an individual interview with a panel of teachers representing different subject Groups of the IB, where each student’s potential for learning as well as their ability to engage and succeed within the Bridging Year and IB Diploma curriculum will be explored.


Applicants’ academic background, previous school reports and supporting documents will also be taken into account when considering the applicant’s learning skills and cognitive ability. Applicants must be able to demonstrate academic and language abilities that are at a level appropriate to the DBS Bridging and IB Programs.  The student’s responsibility to behave in accordance with the school’s standards of conduct and the principles of good citizenship with reference to the IB Learner Profile are also taken into consideration.


Admission to the Bridging Program is open to students of all nationalities and backgrounds, as long as they have the right of abode in Hong Kong, who demonstrate the ability to access and benefit from the challenging international curriculum and program offered by the school.


Admission is dependent on:


•    Meeting all admissions procedures and qualifications.

•    Meeting all financial obligations.

•    Availability of places in appropriate classes and programs.

•    Understanding and agreeing to the DBS IB Policies and Guidelines



Students who successfully complete the Grade 10 Bridging Programme will be automatically offered a place in the DBS International Baccalaureate Program (IBDP)

Subject choices

Find out which subjects which will be available (changes will be made subject to demand and availability of teachers) here. 

Global IB results by subject

Please check the latest IB Statistical bulletin here:

IBO Official Statistical Bulletin May 2023:

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