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G10 Bridging Year Subject Choices

The G10 Bridging Year Programme focuses mainly on the development of skills in preparing students to meet the requirements of the rigorous Diploma Programme. Below are the list of subjects that we offer in the G10 Bridging Programme with links to IB Diploma subject briefs.The table below indicates the subjects which will be available (changes will be made subject to demand and availability of teachers).

Subject Groups


Subject choices

Group 1& 2: Language and Literature 


Choose a) Chinese, b) Chinese Acquisition, or c) French and Chinese Acquisition.

Group 3: Individuals and Societies

Choose either 2 Sciences and 1 Humanities; or 2 Humanities and 1 Science.

ESS belongs to both Sciences and Humanities.

Group 4: Sciences

Group 5: Mathematics


Group 6: Arts and Skills



Physical Education




Global IB results by subject

Please check the latest IB Statistical bulletin here: 

IBO Official Statistical Bulletin May 2023:

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