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The Mother’s Choice Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is one of the various CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) on-going Grade 10-12 students to engage in social issues and challenges that affect the society. Mother’s Choice is a charity founded in 1987 that serves children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong. 

Mother’s Choice Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is designed to bring high school students together to discuss social issues to show how their collective voices can be used to make a difference in our community. We believe that when young people have the chance to serve their communities, everyone benefits! Students gain skills necessary to succeed in school, in the workplace, and in their future lives, and the community develops strong, diverse groups of inspired, civically engaged young people. 

The Youth Leadership Council is a student-run association, with individual campus chapters, that provides students with dynamic opportunities to learn about the social problems affecting our city alongside Mother’s Choice staff. All chapters of the Youth Leadership Council will convene and learn more about a real need or issue in our community and then individually develop an action plan to address that need through direct service, awareness, and/or philanthropy. Upon completion of their year of service, students will have a richer understanding of the nonprofit sector, as well as developed skills and leadership capacity to navigate the unique challenges of making a social impact in today’s world.

In the past year, we continued to work on various innovative initiatives to care for the vulnerable groups on our society. In December 2019, we organised a hike to Dragon’s Back in Hong Kong Island to (physically!) raise awareness regarding the work of Mother’s Choice, and participated in a child care event in Clear Water Bay in cooperation with the Pregnant Teens’ Services Group. Weathering the pandemic, we were also able to set up an Online Message Support Board to support our volunteers inside the Child Care Homes for their work during these troubling times, and also began a brand-new think tank initative – the CHILDREN Magazine to discuss local issues and their effects on children.

In late January, we started the Mother’s Choice Youth Leadership Council Cookie Drive, a 2-days campaign to sell homemade cookies (made inside the IB Lecture Theatre!) and put them for sale. We and other student helpers have truly enjoyed this process (causing a mess) and spreading love and care to every member of the community through baking cookies. We would also like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude towards each supporter. Thank you so much for your generous support! We look forward to organizing our next campaign to further extend our love and compassion to those vulnerable groups in our society.

Resources for 2020-2021

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