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Diploma Programme (DP) 

In the DP, the curriculum consists of six subject groups and the DP core: theory of knowledge (TOK); extended essay (EE); and creativity, activity, and service (CAS).

Different schools provide different subject choices, but all students must choose their subjects from the 6 different groups below:

  • Language A – Studies in Language & Literature

  • Language B – Language Acquisition

  • Individuals & Societies (Humanities)

  • Experimental Sciences (Sciences)

  • Mathematics

  • Arts & Electives

Among the 6 subjects, each student should study 3 of the at Higher Level (HL) and the other 3 at Standard Level (SL). 


For more details, refer to the Subject Choices guide.

It is recommended to consider the specific entry requirements of different universities and degree programs when choosing the subjects.

Additionally, the DP core is required by the IB DP. For more details, refer to  Creativity, activity, serviceExtended Essay, and Theory of Knowledge for more.

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