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Subject choices 

The table below indicates the subjects which will be available (changes will be made subject to demand and availability of teachers).

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Subject choices


All 3 core subjects are compulsory

Group 1: Language A -
Studies in Language and Literaturere 

English Literature (HL or SL)

English Language and Literature (SL)

Chinese Literature (HL or SL)

Chinese Language and Literature (HL or SL)

 Choose one subject

Group 2: Language B – Language Acquisition

French B (HL or SL)

Chinese B (HL or SL)

English B (HL or SL)

Choose one or

a second Language A subject

Group 3: Individuals and Societies (Humanities)

History (HL or SL)

Psychology (HL or SL)

Economics (HL or SL)

Environmental Systems and Societies (SL)

Choose either

2 Sciences and 1 Humanity;

or 2 Humanities and 1 Science.

ESS belongs to both Sciences and Humanities.

Group 4: Experimental Sciences

Biology (HL or SL)

Chemistry (HL or SL)

Physics (HL or SL)

Environmental Systems and Societies (SL)

Group 5: Mathematics

Mathematics: Analysis

and Approaches (MAA)

(HL or SL)

Mathematics: Applications

and interpretation (MAI)

(HL or SL)

Choose one subject

Group 6: Arts and Electives

Music (HL or SL)

Visual Arts (HL or SL)

Choose one or a second subject from Groups 3 or 4


  • All 3 core subjects are compulsory. 

  • In addition to the 3 core subjects, choose 6 subjects, 3 HL and 3 SL.

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