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Talent Show

Talent Show 2022

The IB Talent Show, featuring performances by both IB Music Students and non-music students was held on the 13th of May 2022. The show served as a valuable platform to the IB music students for performing in front of a live audience, while also celebrating the talents of a wide variety of DBS students from Grade 7 through to Grade 12. As the new IB music curriculum requires students to share their work in front of an audience, our highly-talented IB Music performers showcased their 7-minute self-composed performances in their show. Their on-stage performances fulfilled the course requirements of the ‘Contemporary Music Maker Project’, a crucial section of the Music HL programme, in which students engage in an independent and collaborative project rooted in real-life music practices. The Talent Show was also an ample opportunity for other students outside of the IB Music Curriculum, allowing them to showcase their talents in front of a packed audience on a large stage. As an event with over 20 performing acts and more than 300 attendees, the Talent Show was primarily self-organised by a group of IB students, serving as a form of CAS service.

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