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Many say that one of the main purposes of high school is to prepare students for university – and the IB programme in DBS has done an excellent job at it.

As a law student in the University of Hong Kong, the writing skills I have acquired from writing my extended essay in the IB has allowed me to put forth stronger and more convincing arguments when compared to my classmates; reading the indecipherable theories of David Hume and Friedrich Nietzsche for my Theory of Knowledge classes has made understanding the complex readings about the rule of law a much more bearable task; the various oral commentaries and assessments that were once dreaded by everyone has boosted my confidence and made making friends a much easier task. The list goes on and on – and I cannot think of one single thing that the IB has done to put me behind.

I think the most decisive factor that distinguishes a successful and an unsuccessful IB candidate is that a good IB candidate constantly reflects upon your own performance. To evaluate where you stand in the marking scheme is a good ability to have no matter where you are, but it is ever more important in the IB, where the marking scheme specifically states the requirements needed for a top grade. This skill takes practice and will it will be quite a while before you get the hang of it- but don’t be discouraged! The experienced teachers will be more than happy to aid you in your process.

Furthermore, it is important to always stay positive during your two years of study. The years of IB is characterized by heavy workload and sleepless nights, and there will be moments that leave you frustrated and helpless. It is therefore crucial that you always stay positive and pass through the many hurdles that are ahead of you- always remember that there have been people who have made it to the end of the IB, and remember that there will be brothers fighting alongside you.

Taking the IB programme is a decision that you might question and regret during your course of study, but on the day of graduation and beyond, I guarantee you that it is a decision you will never regret.

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