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My IB journey would not have been that smooth without the support I received from the teachers at DBS who guided me over the course of the two years. Indeed, DBS played a big part in preparing me for the IB Exams. Unlike many other IB schools in HK, DBS held mock examinations twice a year throughout the 1-year Pre-IB Bridging Programme and 2-year IB Diploma Programme. Besides, teachers prepared unit tests for us from time to time to reinforce our memory and test our understanding on each topic covered in class. These helped to refresh my memory and reflect on my learning. Most importantly, all the teachers here devoted their hearts in education.

Perhaps what sets DBS apart from other IB schools is its emphasis on language education. As a school that offers both IB and New Senior Secondary (NSS) Curriculum, DBS not only immerses students in an English-speaking environment to enhance their English skills as the first language, but also highly emphasizes on the importance of bilingualism. In fact, most of the DBS IB graduates were awarded a bilingual diploma. The additional workload of studying two languages as first languages not only proves our ability to undertake a challenging course without compromising academic excellence, but also prepares us for further studies and future career. For instance, practicing medicine in Hong Kong requires complete fluency in English and Chinese in order to communicate effectively with local patients and recording diagnosis, treatment, and patient history. The unique learning environment here cultivates my language skills that are essential for success in most, if not all, careers.

Last but not least, all-roundedness is what defines a DBS student. What makes a Diocesan a Diocesan is the connection between him and the school. It is therefore key for a Diocesan to expand his intellectual horizon by benefitting from such an intellectually vital learning environment with passion, energy, and genuine interest. For instance, I participated in the orchestra and choir. Not only is music a relaxing way to rest from the heavy workload of IB, as Diocesans, we shall be filled with gratitude for all the challenges and opportunities to contribute back to the school and uphold our legacy of excellence in all fields.

Jonathan Wong

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